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Knowledge is power, wrote Thomas Jefferson. With the proper knowledge, you don't have to be intimidated by complicated legal situations. Knowledge levels the playing field, allows you to evaluate your options, and helps you choose the best path forward. At Peach State Wills and Trusts, we believe that informed people make the best clients. So, we have prepared a collection of blog posts, videos, and guides and offer them as free resources to you.

On our blog you will find a wide selection of posts addressing a variety of issues related to our practice areas.

Visit our YouTube channel for more than 100 informative videos, covering everything from frequently asked questions in our practice areas, to more specific issues of interest or concern.

More information on estate planning in Georgia, a report on 10 estate planning mistakes to avoid, and other resources like our parent-teen phone contract, can be requested below.

  • Planning what happens to your assets after you die or who will take care of your needs should you become incapacitated is not something most people want to think about, but it will eventually come up at some point in one's life. Our guide to estate planning in Georgia will teach you about who to assign as your advanced directive for healthcare, power of attorney, and the formation of a will and trust. We also have the 10 mistakes to estate planning which will expose you to information most people do not know (hence the reason these are common mistakes) and how to effectively map out your estate planning needs. Request a download of these informative guides here.
  • As Joel's children got a little older and got their first cell phone, he developed a contract to use with each of them. From time to time, others asked for a copy to use with their kids. Now, we've updated that and are making it available for you.  This contract is a great way to teach your children the boundaries you desire for the use of their phone, and your expectations for their conduct relating to it.  This contract is not legally binding and cannot be used in court, but we think it can be very beneficial to ensure parents and children are on the same page when it comes to their mobile phones. To access this free to use contract, request a copy here.
  • Estate planning clients often tell us they want to make things easier on their loved ones if they were to become incapacitated or die. This desire prompted us to create this estate planning Emergency List to provide pertinent information that your loved ones would need to know to properly care for you and your family in case of an emergency where you cannot do so yourself. This document allows you to list important information such as the location of the will, as well as key asset information about financial accounts, other assets, debts, important health information, and more. To request a free copy of this list, click here.

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